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Kia Concept Car Debut

December 30, 2010 Leave a comment


Kia is the next manufacturer in a long list to start to produce some eco-friendly concept cars. They have already released some pictures of their recent concept and have explained that the debut launch is not too far away. They have chosen to use the Paris Motor Show that is in October as the main debut for the vehicle.

According to Kia, the new Pop concept is likely to change the way that people think about eco-friendly vehicles and in particular, the Kia brand itself. The press day on the 30th of September is likely to be where people can get a much more in depth peak at the new concept. Kia has already suggested that the concept will utilize a three seat structure. Along side this it will be using electric motor setup, setting it up to be extremely eco friendly.

Like many of the concept cars these days, this has been designed as an extremely small city vehicle. At only 3 meters in length, it is one of the smallest vehicles that they develop. They have already suggested that it will be a zero emissions car, which is obviously a good thing. The creative design that Kia has brought to the new “Pop” concept is extremely unique.

They have managed to incorporate the likes of a panoramic roof along side LED tail lights which is going to give it that extra bit of presence on the road. The Kia brand is drastically changing the way their range is perceived by the end user. Effectively, they are going towards what all manufacturers should be doing, which is to produce vehicles that have a minimal impact on the environment.

They are certainly trying hard to achieve this, with the Pop concept being the third eco-friendly development that they have revealed in 2010 alone! In fact, Kia has already suggested the way their company is going. A spokesman for the company has already suggested that they are looking towards producing cars that are small and eco-friendly.

They are certainly sticking to their word, going on to say that they hope to release a hybrid by the end of the year in the USA. The new Pop concept does look like it has a lot of functionality behind it, but Kia may have problems. It seems like they are one step behind manufacturers such as Toyota, a company that has already released similar models.

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Detroit auto show: Kia KV7 explores ways to haul people

December 27, 2010 Leave a comment
A sketch of the Kia KV7 concept vehicle.
A sketch of the Kia KV7 concept vehicle.

Korean automaker Kia has provided a first look at the concept vehicle, named KV 7, it is bringing to the Detroit auto show in early January.

Based on a sketch released by Kia, the KV7 appears to offer an alternative to minivans. The two-box design is reminiscent of vehicles such as the Ford Flex. In addition to a conventional, front-hinged door, the sketch shows a roof-hinged “gull wing” door that creates a large opening in the passenger compartment. Seats are mounted on pedestals, some with the capability to swivel.

Press preview day for the Detroit show is scheduled for Jan. 10

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