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Download Windows 8 Wallpaper [Original]

With Windows 8 getting closer to its beta testing phase, it was always inevitable that leaks would happen.

Today we’re treated to a picture of the new Windows 8 wallpaper.

Unsurprisingly, the new wallpaper is a slight variation on the existing Windows 7 design, but with more whimsy.

According to ZDNet’s sources, the current build of Windows 8 shows signs of the new Jupiter and TwinUI interface through a well-named DLL file – TWINUI.DLL.

Other than the new wallpaper and DLL, there isn’t much new to come out of the current build.

The new wallpaper can be downloaded, courtesy of DownloadSquad from the link given below:


Download Windows 8 Original Wallpaper

Although Themes of The Beta can also be found on WinReview